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FIRELANDS CONNECTION: Read the genealogy of Platt Benedict, founder of Norwalk, Ohio. This is an excerpt from the transcription of a handwritten notebook I discovered in my grandmother’s papers. The family history in this notebook was the work of two women, Agnes Caroline Wickham and her daughter, Harriott Benedict Wickham Barton, who separately researched and made entries in it over a period of seventy years.  Agnes Wickham wrote roughly half of the entries in the notebook from 1909 to 1915.  In 1915, she gave handwritten copies of her work to each of her five children: Eleanor, William, Lucy, David and Harriott.  Harriott continued her mother’s work off and on for the next sixty years, adding entries as late as 1977.

BENEDICT PORTRAITS: View portraits of Platt and Sally Benedict and their children Jonas and Clarissa.


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Benedict Generations, a Geneolowiki website of the descendants of Thomas Benedict, who immigrated to America in 1637. The Geneolowiki website includes biographical pages for Platt Benedict and his descendants, to include:

Clarissa Benedict:1796-1878, eldest daughter of Platt and Sally Benedict; born 4 Sept 1796 in North Salem, NY; married Hallet Gallup 9 April 1820 in Norwalk, OH; died 11 Jan 1878, in Norwalk, OH.

David Mead Benedict: 1801-1843, eldest son of Platt and Sally Benedict; born 17 Aug 1801 in Danbury, CT; married Mary Booth Starr 24 Sept 1832 in Danbury CT; died 16 Jun 1843 in Danbury, CT.

Daniel Benedict: 1803-1827, son of Platt and Sally Benedict; born 1 June 1803 in Danbury, CT. Joined the circus and traveled with it to New Orleans where he died on 9 September 1827.

Jonas Benedict: 1806-1851, youngest son of Platt and Sally Benedict; born 23 Mar 1806 in Harlem, NY; married (1) on 8 Oct 1829 in Norwalk, OH Fanny Buckingham, a descendant of William Bradford who came to America on the Mayflower,  (2) Caroline Chapman, 26 May 1842 in Norwalk, OH; died 29 Jul 1851 in Norwalk, OH.

Dr. David DeForest Benedict:1833-1901, Son of Jonas and Fanny Benedict, married Harriott Deaver in 1856. Union Surgeon with the 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the American Civil War, captured at Chickamauga, exchanged and rejoined his regiment in time for the Battle of Atlanta and Sherman’s March to the Sea.

Children of David and Harriott Benedict:

Mary Deaver Benedict: born 26 Jul 1857 in Norwalk, OH; died 12 Dec 1931 in Norwalk, OH.

Harriott Melvina Benedict: born 6 Jan 1859; married (1) Henry W. Owen, 14 Oct 1881 in Norwalk, OH, (2) William B. Benhaue, 28 Sept 1897 in Norwalk, OH; died 6 June 1952 in Norwalk, OH.

Agnes Caroline Benedict: born 11 Feb 1861 in Norwalk, OH; married Frank E. Wickham, 14 October 1886 in Norwalk, OH; died 8 Mar 1934 in Norwalk, OH.

Fanny Buckingham Benedict: born 14 Jan 1863 in Norwalk, OH; married Andrew J. Hottel, 14 Oct 1889; died 4 Oct 1940 in Norwalk, OH.

Frederick Platt Benedict: born 7 Apr 1866 in Norwalk, OH; died 11 March 1885 at Kenyon College, OH.

Ellen Eliza Benedict: born 21 Jun 1868 in Norwalk, OH; married Louis Wildman Wickham, nephew of Frank Wickham, 9 Aug 1892 in Norwalk, OH; died 1 Jun 1942 in Mitiwanga, OH.

Suzan Rose Benedict, PhD: born 29 Nov 1873 in Norwalk, OH; died 8 Mar 1942 at Smith College, MA.

Fanny B Benedict; born 14 Aug 1840; daughter of Jonas and Fanny Benedict. Married Louis H. Severance, 13 Aug 1862 in Norwalk, OH; died 1 Aug 1874 in Cleveland, OH.

Eliza Ann Benedict: youngest daughter of Platt and Sally Benedict; born 27 Oct 1812 in Danbury, CT: married William Brewster, 1 May 1832; died 17 Aug 1840 in Norwalk, OH


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