Genealogy Wiki and Wikipedia Presentation

Have you ever had had to deal with audio-visual problems when giving a talk to a large audience? If so, you know how I felt on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 when almost from the git-go, technical difficulties plagued my “Genealogy Wiki’s” presentation to the Highlands Ranch Genealogical Society in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I bumbled on, wondering how I’d get out of this mess, but fortunately, the forbearance of a large and enthusiastic audience saved the day.

Genealogy TreeI showed up early and found a nice librarian who helped me connect a laptop computer I’d borrowed from the library to the projector. The room soon filled to capacity. Our society president was thrilled with the turnout.

I began.

Wiki Logo2Wiki Logo

My overview of Wikis went well. What are Wikis, you ask? Wikis enable communities to write documents collaboratively using a simple markup language and a web browser. The “community” can be the world, as with Wikipedia, or a smaller group, such as a corporation, governmental organization—or the genealogy community.

The audience was with me–my slides were professional–then I started to talk about Wikis used for genealogy and the whole shebang went south. The image on the screen of my last slide would not switch to the internet so I could demonstrate how to use the FamilySearch Wiki . The kind librarian returned to help while I answered questions, desperate to keep people from walking out on me.

 We Relate Logowikitree-logo

Mercifully, the librarian soon fixed the problem and I threw my slides out the window and continued to show, not tell, how three types of Genealogy Wikis work.

 Wikipedia logo 2

Unfortunately, I did not have time to create a Wikipedia article during the presentation, as I planned, but gave the audience a peek “behind the curtain” at the edit page for an article I had created for my ancestor, mathematician Suzan Rose Benedict.

If you’re interested in learning about Wikis used for genealogy, check out my slides on the HRGS Website.


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