New Year’s Day, 1907 – and 2017

new-year-1907Neither the Daily Reflector nor the Evening Herald published New Year’s Day 1907 editions in Norwalk, Ohio. But as I reported in yesterday’s post, even if they had, it is not likely we would have learned much about how New Year’s was celebrated that year. So, once again, I turn to the 1908 diary of Harriott Wickham, my grandmother. Her last entry for 1908 was actually written after midnight (just as I am posting this in the wee hours of January 1, 2017), so technically, as she notes, it was a New Year’s Day 1909 entry.

Dec. 31, 1908, – The last time I shall write 1908. Isn’t it awful, and it really is 1909 now.


Harriott Wickham

I went shopping this aft. and this evening Eleanor and Ed and Irene came over and we had a watch party. Billy and Charley Yanquell came after the show, and we hailed in the new year. I wonder what this new year holds for me. The last year has been, – well – a very odd one for me. I have been most miserable I have ever been, and also I have had some good times. Then too, I have left off being a school girl and begun to earn my own living. What will happen to me in 1909, I wonder. Will I have the miserable times over, I wonder. No, I don’t think so, and I really think I shall be happier, but who knows.

A watch party! So, even though there were no big parties (at least not big enough to be reported in the newspapers) at least in homes across the town of Norwalk, we can imagine people “ringing in” the New Year.

Every year, we, like Harriott did in the early hours of New Year Day 1909, wonder what the coming New Year holds for us. Will we be miserable, or happy? What will happen to us during the coming year? Only time will tell.

Do you notice something missing in Harriott’s diary entry? I do: resolutions. Did people one hundred and ten years ago make New Year’s resolutions? And you, have you made resolutions for 2017?

I have.

I resolve to make one post a day in this blog. Can I do it? The end of last year until today, I did a test run, and have now posted for eight consecutive days. Why, you may ask, would I attempt such a thing? Answer: because I love to write; because I have found that the more I write, the better I get at it; because I am fascinated with the story of the Norwalk High School Class of 1907, who they were, where they came from, how they lived their lives; and the only way I know to keep motivated to tell their story as fully as I can is to set deadlines for myself.


So, dear readers, on this New Year’s Day, I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017. May the wind always be at your back. May all your hopes and dreams come true. May you enjoy this year with family and friends. And may you read my posts often–and comment with abandon!

Happy New Year!





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