Ride the Roads No More – Stick to the Rails – At Least in Winter


These days, traveling by automobile in winter is not in any way an uncomfortable experience. Warm air pours from the vents, and most cars have “climate control.” Many also have heated seats for frosty mornings. Some–for goodness sake–even have heated steering wheels (never heard of gloves?).

In 1907, those few automobiles on the road lacked all those comforts. So when, on a frigid Tuesday morning, January 29, 1907, Mr. H.C. Young of Norwalk hitched a ride on the Thomas Flyer, which was the subject of my last post, he had a distinctly less than pleasant experience.

Mr. Young was general passenger agent for the Lake Shore Electric Railroad,


Thomas Flyer – 1907

so he would not be expected to be an auto enthusiast. But he must have been an adventurous soul; when the driver and crew of the Thomas Flyer extended him an invitation to accompany them to Toledo, he accepted.

Clad in two fur overcoats, he climbed aboard. Long before they arrived at their destination, however, he was “chilled to the marrow.” He returned home by rail, and swore to rely on that form for transportation from then on–at least in winter.


Source: “No More Autoing in Cold Weather,” The Norwalk Daily Reflector, January 29, 1907, page 1, column 3



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  1. Wow one bone chilling ride would be enough for me too!


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