A Close Call

terrified-spectatorsThe Norwalk Daily Reflector reported on this day, Thursday, February 7, 1907, on a near tragedy at the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway station in the city the previous evening. A middle-aged man dressed in working clothes, apparently not a Norwalk resident, fell off the platform onto the tracks in the path of a train to the horror of onlookers. Fortunately, the stranger managed to scramble out of danger, then hurried down the platform and disappeared.

Because this man seemed to have been heading toward the baggage car when he slipped and fell off the platform, the author of the article conjectured that he might have been “excess baggage,” in other words, attempting to ride the rails. In any event, in those days when fatal accidents were all too common, he was a very lucky man.


Source: “Terrified Spectators,” The Norwalk Daily Reflector, February 7, 1907, page 2, column 4.


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