Another Away Game Loss to Clyde by the Norwalk High School Senior Girls – 1909

girls-basketballYesterday’s post described how the Norwalk High School Senior Girls team was defeated in an away game against Clyde High School due to a mistake by the Clyde referees–at least that’s how the Norwalk Daily Reflector reported it.

Harriott Wickham, who played on that Norwalk team, described in her diary another game in a 1909 against Clyde High School–with a different excuse for losing.

Friday, Mar. 5 – ‘09. We went to Clyde to play basketball tonight, and we got beat, – of course. We don’t stand any sort of chance on their floor, which is waxed for dancing. Not being used to it, we slide all around, and can’t get the ball or play team work. The score was 18 to 5. Afterwards, we danced, which of course, we good Episcopalians should not have done. Mr Bregheimer went with us to referee. I think he is a peach, only he didn’t dance with us, which of course wasn’t nice. [1]

Excuses! Excuses!

In 1907, the Norwalk team attributed their loss to a bad call by the umpire, in 1909, it was a waxed floor. Funny that didn’t affect the play of the Clyde team.

As in 1907, the Norwalk team in 1909 was treated to an after-game dance by their hosts. Girls’ sports in this era seemed to be as much social events as they were competitive athletic contests. The 1907 team was chaperoned by the mothers of two of the players. In a game in 1906, however, that responsibility was taken on by a Norwalk High School English and Physical Education teacher: Miss Minnie Cleghorn. In my next post, we’ll see who she was, and introduce a series of posts about the “athletic girl” movement of the time.



Unpublished Diary by Harriott Wickham, 1908-1909.

“Basket Ball School Hall,” The Norwalk Daily Reflector, 2/9/1907, page 1, column 7.

“Boys Won But Girls Lost,” Norwalk Evening Herald, February 9, 2017, page 1, column 6.



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