Minnie Cleghorn – Norwalk High School Girls’ Basketball Coach

As I reported in my last post, the gym teacher and girls’ basketball coach at Norwalk High School in 1907 was Miss Minnie Cleghorn.

Who was Miss Cleghorn?

A decade ago, I found at my mother’s home a box of photos, genealogies, diaries, and other documents that had belonged to Harriott Wickham (my grandmother). This treasure trove set me on a path of genealogical discovery.

In this box I found the photo displayed below of the Norwalk High School girls’ gym class in 1906.


On the back of this photo, my grandmother had inscribed the following:


Old Norwalk High School

Norwalk, Ohio – 1906 – N.H.S. Girls’ Gym Class – in gymnasium – Auditorium, on third floor of Old High School Bldg. – Miss Minnie Cleghorn, (2nd row – 3rd from left), was gym teacher and coached girls’ basketball teams, which played other H.S. teams. She was also H.S. English teacher – very good one.

Well, that sure piqued my curiosity! I wanted to find out more about this beloved teacher. As I investigated, I learned not only about her, but also about the “athletic girl” movement of the time, which explained why there was a girls’ basketball program at Norwalk High School in 1907. More about that, and about Miss Minnie Cleghorn in future posts.



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