Genealogy: Boughton

This genealogy of the Boughton ancestors of Platt Benedict is an excerpt from the transcription of a handwritten notebook I discovered in my grandmother’s papers. The family history in this notebook was the work of two women, Agnes Caroline Wickham and her daughter, Harriott Benedict Wickham Barton (my grandmother), who separately researched and made entries in it over a period of seventy years.  Agnes Wickham wrote roughly half of the entries in the notebook from 1909 to 1915.  In 1915, she gave handwritten copies of her work to each of her five children: Eleanor, William, Lucy, David and Harriott.  Harriott continued her mother’s work off and on for the next sixty years, adding entries as late as 1977.

Dave Barton

December 14, 2008

Boughton – Bonton

John, born 1615; son (supposed) of Count Nicholas Boulon, was a Huguenot.  To escape persecution he fled from France to England in the barque Assurance July 1635, landing at Boston, Dec. 1635, aged 20 year; married Abigail.

Mathew Bouton.

Benjamin Boughton of Danbury; married Lydia.

Mercy Boughton, born at Danbury, 1745; married Jonas Benedict, January 14, 1767; died October 27, 1814.

I would appreciate critiques and corrections of this genealogy. Please comment below. Thank you.

© 2006, 2009 by David W. Barton. All rights reserved

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  1. We have the same records in my family. John Bouton came over on the Assurance in 1635 and was probably the son of Count Nicholas Bouton.


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