Genealogy: Buckingham

This genealogy of Fanny Buckingham, wife of Jonas Benedict, is an excerpt from the transcription of a handwritten notebook I discovered in my grandmother’s papers. The family history in this notebook was the work of two women, Agnes Caroline Wickham and her daughter, Harriott Benedict Wickham Barton (my grandmother), who separately researched and made entries in it over a period of seventy years.  Agnes Wickham wrote roughly half of the entries in the notebook from 1909 to 1915.  In 1915, she gave handwritten copies of her work to each of her five children: Eleanor, William, Lucy, David and Harriott.  Harriott continued her mother’s work off and on for the next sixty years, adding entries as late as 1977.

Dave Barton
December 14, 2008

Buckingham Genealogy

Buckingham 1637

Thomas, sailed from England on the Hector, arrived at Boston, June 26, 1637; removed to Milford 1639;  married (1) Hannah – died June 28, 1646 (2) Ann – died 1657 in Boston.
1.  Hannah, born 1632; married Thomas Welsh.
(1) 2.  Daniel, born 1636; married (1) Hannah Fowler (2) Hens Newton.
3.  Samuel; married Sarah Baldwin.
4.  Mary; married John Parker.
5.  Thomas, born 1646; married (1) Hester Hosmer (2) Hens Hooker.

Thomas, baptized Nov. 8, 1646 at Hilford.  He was a minister and preached in Wethersfield when but 18 years of age, and the records of the town state that the town voted to pay him “20 shillings a week” for a quarter of a year to come.  (2) Commenced preaching in Saybrook when 19.  He was one of the legatees of Altawanhood, 3rd son of Uncas named in his will signed March 10, 1676 in Lyne, near Eight Mile Island in Connecticut River. (3) Was one of the founders and fellows of Yale College from 1700 to his decease.  Was one of the moderators of the famous synod which convened at Saybrook in 1708.  Married (1) Hester, daughter of Thomas Hosmer of Hartford, September 20, 1666.  She died June 3, 1702. (2) Mrs. Mary Hooker.  He died April 1, 1709.  Monument still stands (1872) in the Old Burying Ground of Saybrook bearing this inscription:

“Here lies the body of the
Rev. Mr. Thomas Buckingham.
Pastor of the Church of
Christ in Saybrook, dec’d
April ye 1st, 1709, in ye
63 year of his age.” (4)

The following is the inscription on his wife’s tombstone:
Mrs. Hester Buckingham
Wife to ye Rev’d Mr. Thomas
Buckingham, Pastor of ye
Church of Christ in Saybrook
Dec’d June ye 3, 1702, in
ye 56 year of her age.

1.  Hester, born January 10, 1668; married Samuel Breman.
2.  Thomas, born September 29, 1670; married Margaret Griswold.
3.  Daniel, born October 3, 1672; married Sarah Lee.

4.  Stephen, born September 4, 1675; married Sarah Hooker.
5.  Samuel, born May 26, 1678; died June 20, 1678.
6.  Samuel, born July 24, 1679; died January 25, 1684.
7.  Hezekiah, born June 21, 1682; married Sarah Lay.
8.  Temperance, born January 6, 1684; married John Kirtland.
9.  Anne, born August 2, 1687; married Samuel Doty.

Thomas, born September 29, 1670; married Margaret, daughter of Francis Griswold, December 16, 1691; died at Saybrook, September 12, 1739.
1.  Thomas, born January 24, 1693; married Mary Parker.
2.  Samuel, born September 26, 1694.
(5) 3.  Jedediah, born October 2, 1696; married Mary Haynes.
4.  Margarett, born August 14, 1699; married – Johnson.
5.  Mary, born February 10, 1702; died June 5, 1703.
6.  Mary, born June 5, 1705; married Solomon Huntington
7.  Joseph, born June 20, 1707; married Sarah Lulley.
8.  Sarah, born January 3, 1710; married – Crocker.

Thomas, born January 24, 1693; married Mary Parker, April 5, 1722 who died in Lebanon, Connecticut after 1771.  He was a sea-faring man; died December 13, 1760.
1.  Jedediah, born January 20, 1727; married Martha Clano.
2.  Stephen, born September 20, 1729; married Elizabeth (6) Whittlesy.
3.  Mary, born July 27, 1732.
4.  Sarah, born 1734; died May 23, 1742.

Jedediah, born January 20, 1727 at Saybrook; married Martha Blank (born 1732) of Lebanon Connecticut.  Settled in Columbia, where he died July 9, 1809.  She died May 20, 1821.
1.  Sarah, born 1753.
(7) 2.  Thomas, born 1755; married Triphena Hubbard.
3.  Joseph, born 1757; married Clarissa Chapman.
4.  Mary, married James Crocker.
5.  Jedidiah P., born April 7, 1758; married (1) Ann Cook.
6.  Sarah, born 1761; married Erastus Fitch.
7.  Stephen, born May 12, 1763; married (1) Mary Dorrance.
8.  Esther, married Enos Geary.
9.  Martha, married Simon Lewis.
10. Nancy Ann, born 1767; married Benjamin Dorrance.

Thomas, born 1755; married Triphena Hubbard of Windham, Connecticut, August 6, 1778.  His marriage and the names of his children are recorded on Town Records of Lebanon, Connecticut; died at Norwalk, Ohio, 1840.
1.  Henry, born January 13, 1779; married Harriet Talcott.
2.  Lucinda, born April 28, 1781; married Asa Syms.
3.  Amelia, born September 10, 1784; died 19 years of age.
4.  Charlotte, born February 21, 1786; died 22 years of age.
(8) 5.  Salome, born August 24, 1788; married William Ticknor.
6.  John, born November 10, 1790; married Sarah Ebert.
7.  Mary, born April 26, 1793; married Elijah Loveland.
8.  Samuel, born August 13, 1797; married (1) Thankful Babcock.
9.  Matilda, born January 4, 1799; married John Bennet.
10. Fanny, born January 21, 1804; married Stephen Vaughn.

Henry, born January 13, 1779; married Harriet, daughter of George and Vienna (Bradford) Talcott of Canterbury, Connecticut, March 20, 1803.  He was a man much respected and was for many years Treasurer of the county.  Died of apoplexy at Norwalk, Ohio, 1845.
1.  George Talcott, born December 1, 1806; married
(9) Lavinia Linsley.
2.  Fanny, born April 16, 1809; married Jonas Benedict.

Fanny, (10) born April 16, 1809 at Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania; married Jonas Benedict, October 8, 1829; went to housekeeping in a 1½ story frame house built on the lot on Seminary Street where the Benedict Homestead now stands; died March 4, 1840 and is buried, as are her father and mother, on the D.D. Benedict lot in Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, Ohio.  Her oldest son, Platt, crept out of bed early one morning and going to the fireplace in the living room, set his nightgown on fire and was so badly burned that he died the next day.  Mrs. Frederick Wickham tells of going there to help.  She found that the child was not allowed by the doctor to have water, although he begged for it.  Being left alone in the room, she gave him all he could drink.  She said he was a beautiful little fellow, only three years old.  Another child, Mary, had her back broken by a fall, and was obliged to walk with her hands on her knees.  D.D. Benedict, her brother, said that his stepmother was good to this child, although very disagreeable to his sister, Fanny, and himself.  Mary died when she was 8 years old.

(1) Buckingham Family, page 10
(2) Ibid, page 134
(3) vide Indian Papers, Vol. I, doc 30.
(4) Buckingham Family, p. 139
(5) Ibid, page 140
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(7) Ibid, page 152
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(9) Ibid, page 219
(10) Ibid, page 296

NOTE: Agnes and Harriott cited their sources in the margins of original notebook.  I included these citations as footnotes, attempting to keep them as close as possible to where they appear in the original notebook.

I would appreciate critiques and corrections of this genealogy. Please comment below. Thank you.

© 2006, 2009 by David W. Barton. All rights reserved

15 Responses

  1. Thankyou for posting your information on the Buckingham family.

    I am currently researching the family in East Anglia and have come across Thomas and Hannah on many websites, but never with as much character attached to their stories.

    I was wondering, when you site “Buckingham Family” as a source, do you have further information regarding this book? I would love to have a look at it at some stage


  2. Lewis,

    Thanks for your comment. “Buckingham Family” is on Search under histories for it. I’ll send you images for the relevant pages by email.

    I’m grateful to you for visiting my blog and hope you’ll continue to return. Henry Buckingham’s story will be continued in future installments.

    Dave Barton


  3. Thank you for this work! I am a descendant of the Buckinghams through Harriet Talcott Buckingham who was an Oregon Pioneer. I am very much interested in the research on these families. Where can I find the original notes and writings?

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your note and comment about your family. One source for the Buckingham family were The Firelands Pioneer, which was published from 1858-1937. Copies can be ordered from the Firelands Historical Society. A link is on my blog. I also used a genealogy that I found in my grandmother’s papers. She and her mother researched it from around 1910 to 1977. I transcribed it a few years ago and have posted it on my website.

    Was Harriet Talcott Buckingham a descendant of George Buckingham, son of the Henry Buckingham in my story? I’d be interested in what you’ve researched about her.

    Good luck with your research and let me know if I can help you further. I hope you continue to visit the site. Future posts will describe Henry Buckingham’s involvement with the Underground Railroad.

    Dave Barton


  5. Yes. Thank you for posting this. I am also a descendant, though at the moment I’d have to go back to one of the Buckingham Family books to locate the connection. My grandmother’s siblings made it into one of the Buckingham books that was published just before she was born.

    I’m currently researching Congregational church history, by chance, and the Saybrook Platform came up in my studies. Does anyone know whether any of the Rev. Thomas Buckingham’s sermons survive or are available to be read?


  6. Thanks for your comment, Susan. I haven’t come across any sermons by Rev Thomas Buckingham, but will look through my grandmother’s papers.
    Good luck with your research.


  7. Dave
    I do not think Thomas was on the ship Hector. I have seen the manifest and he is not on it. In the book, it mentions Hector and an unnamed ship. Are you aware that his house is still standing? I have 5 pictures of Buckingham homes built prior to 1823.


  8. Very interesting. but I am not a Descendant of Thomas but of Samuel; who married Sarah Baldwin, so my line is completely different.


  9. Im looking for a Bard Buckingham, father of Maschel or Mash. Do you know anything about this branch of the Buckingham family? I think he can to America in the early to mid 1700’s


  10. Thanks for your note, Leslie. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Bard Buckingham. If I come across anything, I’ll let you know.


  11. Leslie
    I have 4 genealogy books on the Buckingham family and I cannot find a Bard or a Maschel Buckingham. If you have other names of Buckingham’s let me know and I will check them out.

    Ron Cramer


  12. Leslie
    If you go to the Genformum at, there are 5 old messages concerning Bard. One states that he was a Maryland Buckingham, and I have never been able to tie them in to our Buckinghams.

    Ron Cramer


  13. I am researching ancestors of George Buckingham born abt 1808 in England married to Mary Azielee Bell born 1833 in Georgia. I have information about their descendants to the present. Would appreciate any info or suggestions you may have regarding this line of Buckinghams.


  14. Hello Dave,
    I am in the midst of transcribing a Buckingham family history & records of the Thomas Buckingham who arrived in Boston on June 26,1637.

    The record states that he and his family arrived on the ship Hector. There are 5 names mentioned stating he was of the company of Misters Eaton & Hopkins who were London merchants and two ministers Davenport & Bruddell.(Buckingham & Bruddell are not on the passenger list, but are part of the record passed down to my mother Ella I (Buckingham) Wells b.1917 and still living (possessing a very strong memory)from her great grandfather to her father Amborse b.1871 d.1958, and his sister Celistia b.1864 d.1951. I have no reason to doubt Thomas B. was on the Hector. Records show he was in New Haven in 1638 and 1639 but that he removed to Milford in late in 1639. Our records show The Thomas B died in Boston in the Fall of 1657 while seeking to hire a a pastor for the church. We have heard that the Thomas was a pastor also. His eldest son Danial born in England in 1636. Danial Buckingham had a son he named Thomas who was born in 1670 who was a minister over the 2nd Congregational Church in Hartford.

    Thomas B. The elder of the North American Buckinghams’ had a son he named Thomas B born in 1646 who was a minister who began preaching in 1664 when 18 years of age.

    Danial’s son Thomas who was also a pastor delivered a message that I I have a portion of, given at the time of the 1728 elections.

    Let me know if you want me to forward it to you.

    Thanks for your work, Ralph Wells ivbnredemd by Him


  15. Bonjour, je suis Française mais j’ai des ancêtres Anglais, ma première BUCKINGAHM s’appelle Mary née en 1809 à Ickleford et mariée en 1830 à Hatfield à Richard ANDREWS.
    Pour les Andrews je remonte à
    et pour les BUCKINGHAM je remonte jusqu’à John né vers 1650 à Toddington et pour les ANDREWS je remonte jusqu’à John marié à Mary CAMFIELD le 29/10/1750 à Aston.
    J’aimerai tant remonter mes BUCKINGHAM et mes ANDREWS encore plus loin. Si vous aviez des renseignements, je vous en serait infiniment reconnaisante et vous en remercie à l’avance.
    Bien cordialement,


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