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This genealogy of Frederick Wickham is an excerpt from the transcription of a handwritten notebook entitled: Family History: Wickham, Benedict, Preston & Deaver, that I discovered in my grandmother’s papers. The family history in this notebook was the work of two women, Agnes Caroline Wickham and her daughter, Harriott Benedict Wickham Barton (my grandmother), who separately researched and made entries in it over a period of seventy years.  Agnes Wickham wrote roughly half of the entries in the notebook from 1909 to 1915.  In 1915, she gave handwritten copies of her work to each of her five children: Eleanor, William, Lucy, David and Harriott.  Harriott continued her mother’s work off and on for the next sixty years, adding entries as late as 1977.
Dave Barton

UPDATE AS OF 7/5/09: Since I first published this page, it has been brought to my attention by Mr. Joseph Wickham that the first Wickham ancestor of Frederick Wickham to settle in America was not Israel Thomas Wickham of Rhode Island, but Thomas Wickham who settled in Connecticut around 1648. Samuel, who is listed in this genealogy as Israel Thomas Wickham’s son, was actually the son of Thomas Wickahm. Agnes Wickham made this mistake when she first researched the Wickham line. Her daughters later caught the error, but did not correct her text. Please see Mr. Wickham’s website FAQs About the Family of Thomas Wickham (1624-1688) for more information about Thomas Wickham and his descendants. I am grateful to him for pointing out the error in this genealogy.

Wickham Genealogy

Wickham of Hoisington

The family is supposed to be descended from one John Wycomb of Bristol, who represented the city in Parliament in 1346.  Several of its members, who spell the name Wicomb, Wickham, and Wykeham, filled the office of Sheriff of Bristol and Theobald Wickham was high sheriff of Somerset in 1393.
— Wickham married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Thomas Silver, who in 1453 purchased of Sir Theobold, George House Lands in Hoisington & South Chester, which had belonged to Thomas Frayin who held them of William De New March, or De Nova.  Mercata, as written in the original deed still extant, & to whose ancestor they were granted by William the Conqueror.
Crest:  A Bull’s head, sable, barbed or
Helmet. A Knight’s helmet of steel, full-faced.
Motto:  “Manners Make the Man” – “Hominem Mores Fingen”
Arma:   Argent, a chevron sabel, three roses, gules,
seeded, or
Seat:   North Hill House – Thome.

Wickham 1662
“Records of Colony of Rhode Island”

Israel Thomas emigrated from England and landed in Newport, Rhode Island in 1662.  He died 1687 and was buried at Hampton Long Island – tombstone still stands. (1)
1.  Samuel born June 16, 1664.
2.  Joseph.

2. Samuel, son of Israel was born June 16, 1664, died about 1712.  Married Barbary Holden, June 4, 1691.  Barbara Holden, daughter of Randall & Frances (Dungren) Holden, was born July 2, 1668; died 1707. (1)  He was of Warwick, King’s Town, Rhode Island.  On May 27, 1700 was made commander of a trained band.  Deputy from Warwick to General Assembly, 1701, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10.  In 1702 gave 2 shillings toward building the Quaker meeting house at Niashopany.  Clerk of Assembly 1703, 9, 10.  On March 23, 1708, he sold at Kingstown to Israel Arnold of Pasotuset, homestead, mansion house, and Farm at Norwich for 113 pounds.  May 17, 1710, he, with 17 others, bought 7,000 acres of public land.  Inventory of his goods taken about 1712: featherbed, 3 flock beds, 20 oz. Plate pewter, warming pan, Negro woman, hourglass & goods at Newport. (2)
1.  Sarah, born March 9, 1692.  Married Fowler
2.  Samuel, born September 2, 1693.  Married (1) Collins (2) Goldring;  died February 23, 1758.
3.  John, born June 26, 1695; died June 20, 1729.
4.  Gideon, born January 22, 1696 or 7.
5.  Mary, born July 15, 1698.  Married Cougdon.
6.  Thomas, born July 30, 1700.  Married Hannah Brewer
7.  Capt. Benjamin, born November 17, 1701; Married (1) Natmaugh (2) Mary Gudner;  died September 10,
8.  Charles, born December 6, 1703; Married Rebecca Brewry; died September 6, 1787.
9.  William.
10. Barbara; married John Cottrell.

3.  Thomas, born July 30th, 1700; married Hannah Brewer, March 23, 1725; died September 19, 1777. (1)  He was a shopkeeper 1735; admitted as freeman in 1742.  One of original members of Newport Artillery Company, 1747.  Made member of Redwood library in its incorporation.  He, with Samuel Wickham, offered to raise a company of militia – granted in 1742.  In 1748, was Deputy and bore the title of Captain in May 1755.  March 18, 1772 made a will which was proved August 5, 1782.  All real estate to be sold at Newport and proceeds divided equally between sons, Thomas, Samuel, and Charles.  To wife Hannah, Negro woman Bess; to wife and daughters, the rest of personal property.  Inventory amounted to 86 pounds, 5 shillings, 2 d.  He and wife buried in Trinity Churchyard, Newport. (3)
1.  John, born September 26, 1728
2.  Thomas, born May 30, 1730
3.  Samuel, born May 13, 1734
4.  Thomas, born April 5, 1736
5.  Sarah, born October 4, 1737
6.  Mary, born July 2, 1739
7.  Samuel, born February 28, 1742
8.  Rebecca, born April 29, 1743
9.  Charles, born May 1745
10. Hannah, born December 22, 1746
11. Charles, born April 22, 1748
12. Ann, born October 7, 1749

4.  Thomas, born April 5, 1736; married Elizabeth Wanton, December 22, 1762; died, March 21, 1817. (1)  Admitted as freeman 1759.  In 1778 was paid 30 pounds for a whale boat by the state.  About 1881, when thrown into jail because of sympathy for England, his father-in-law was Colonial Governor for King, he presented to the assembly a petition praying to be released from prison, and payment of 5,000
silver dollars, to be restored to full citizenship.  Assembly gave him freedom of Newport upon payment of 500 silver dollars and bonds for his good behavior during the war.  January 1782, he prayed for permission to go to New York in interest of his distressed family.  Assembly allowed this, if in return he agreed to procure copies of accounts from books of Joseph and William Wanton at New York, as committee may request, and if Joseph and William Wanton do not allow him to examine books, and make copies of same, the Assembly will take estate which they now permit Mrs. Sarah Wanton, widow of late Joseph Wanton, Esq., to enjoy for her comfort and the education of her children. (4) In 1784 a petition was presented for restoration of a house and land, etc. to Thomas Wickham, his wife Elizabeth & other heirs of Joseph Wanton, and a committee was appointed to look into matter (report not given).  In 1791 Thomas Wickham with others of Trinity Church, Newport, petition Assembly to allow them to have a lottery, the proceeds to make much needed repairs on church.
1.  Thomas, born November 7, 1763.
2.  Mary Winthrop, born May 22, 1772
3.  Elizabeth, born November 2, 1773
4.  Catherine, born January 23, 1775
5.  John, born April 2, 1785
6.  William, born July 7, 1778 – served in U.S. Navy, March 1798.
7.  Ann, born April 2, 1785 – Died at Godus Point, N.Y
8.  Thomas, born April 2, 1785 – Married Katherine Rutger.  This must be “Aunt Katie” in Angelica’s poem about the house.
All above were natives of Newport, R.I.

5.  William, born July 7, 1778; married Catherine Christian, (daughter of Frederick & Elizabeth Hodgkinson Christian) March 24, 1803;  died at Sodus point, New York, May 1875.  He went to sea when 13 years old – sailed all over the world and at 21 was Captain of a ship.  The old spy glass was his, and the scratch on one of the lenses was made by a passenger when on a trip home from Russia.  Frank Wickham told me that William had a chance (even signed up) to go on the ill-fated Astor expedition (as 1st Mate, I think), but Catherine objected so strenuously that he gave it up.  The ship reached Oregon, but all on board were killed there, presumably by Indians.  Abandoning the sea, he went into business in New York with his brother Thomas as an importing merchant.  They had a shipping business in New York after 1803.  Their ships sailed to the West Indies and one was lost on a return voyage.  In 1807, when President Jefferson put the Embargo on U.S. shipping out of U.S. ports, they had a ship loaded, ready to sail.  Being in hard circumstances, they took a chance, sent the ship out and it was caught and confiscated with its cargo.  This ruined them.  William then went to wilderness shore of Lake Ontario and built a cabin, moving his family up there about 1812 (the year his son, my grandfather, Fredrick was born in New York City).  William had fishing boats and nets there.  The British raided from Canada, burning his cabin, boats, and nets.  The U.S. Government reimbursed all settlers who swore they stayed to defend their property, but William refused to lie (as others did), so had no relief, until, in later years, Congress granted to him and his descendants the right to fish in Lake Ontario forever, regardless of season.  William & Katherine buried in the woods during the raid their silver, including, I think, a tea set given by Queen Anne to William’s ancestor for service to the Queen with their ships out of Rhode Island (Queen Anne’s War). (5)
William Wickham married Catherine Christian in 1803.  She lived in Philadelphia. Her father, Frederick Christian had married Elizabeth Hodgkinson. (6) Elizabeth’s father, or grandfather, John Hodgkinson, according to family legend, was originally John Erskine, Earl of Mar, who took part in the Jacobite insurrections in Scotland in early 1700’s, was in the conspiracy to restore the old Stuart “pretender” to the throne, was captured, escaped to Ireland (where he changed his name to Hodgkinson) then to America. (See Webster Biographical Dictionary).
“There was a young man in Philadelphia who was attentive to me, and while I couldn’t say I loved him, I thought more of him than of any other young man I knew. One day he invited me to go horse back riding and I felt that day he was going to ask me to marry him, and I had made up my mind to accept him. Just as I came downstairs in my riding habit, my brother came into the house with a young man whom he introduced to me as Captain Wickham.  I knew right then I was going to refuse the other young man that afternoon, and I did.  Later your grandfather asked me and we have been lovers ever since.”  Told by Katherine Christian + Wickham (daughter of Frederick & Elizabeth * Hodgkinson Christian) to Sara Wickham of Huron, Erie County, Ohio. (They were married in Christ Church, Philadelphia).
+ The Christians were Flemish people who had settled in Philadelphia.
* Elizabeth Hodgkinson was a granddaughter of Lord Erakeyre,
Earl of Man, who (about 1816) lost his title because of his part in the attempt to put the Stuart “Pretender” back on the throne.  He fled to Ireland and changed his name to Hodgkinson.

1.  Elizabeth Wanton, born December 22, 1803; married Alden S. Baker; died February 4, 1892.

2.  John William, born 1806, died 1893?; married (1) Marial (2) Sarah (3) Elizabeth Van Ransellaer; died 1893. Father of Schuyler Wickham.  Cousin Schuyler, of Huron, Ohio.  My father took me (not quite three years old) to visit them.  Uncle John was very old, long white hair – sat by the window & looked sadly down the river (which was back of their house).  Handsome man.

3.  Thomas, born 1808; married (1) Proseus, (2) Frances Shipley.

4.  Samuel Christian, born 1810 (died young)

5.  Frederick, born March 11, 1812; married Lucy Preston (my grandparents).

6.  Samuel Christian, born 1819 (died)

7.  Samuel Christian, born 1824; married Gertrude Van Ransellaer.  My “Aunt Gertie” Van Rensellaer Wickham had summer house in Huron, Ohio (very interesting old lady).

6.  Frederick, born March 11, 1812; married Lucy Preston, June 15, 1835 at Norwalk, Ohio; died January 12, 1901; buried at Norwalk. (7)  In early life a sailor on the Great Lakes, but gave it up at request of his wife.  At time of marriage was captain of a schooner, DeWitt Clinton, owned by himself and brother John.  Baptized as infant in St. John’s Episcopal Church in New York City.  Brought up at Sodus, New York.  Came to work in Norwalk, Ohio in store of Wickham, Alling & Christian (relatives).  Returned to sailing.  Last trip he left his boat at Perrysburg, Ohio in December 1834, 5 or before, and walked most of way to Norwalk; there went to work in office of Norwalk Reflector, belonging to his father-in-law.  He later became owner and editor of the paper.  Having lived in early life in the wilderness of western New York, he had no education, could not read nor write until grown up.  He then acquired an education and was one of best known editors of Northern Ohio for more than 50 years.  Was Associate Judge of Court of Common Pleas in Huron County, Ohio, Mayor of Norwalk – member of State Senate during Civil War. (8)  Soon after coming to Norwalk, he was very homesick, walking with an acquaintance, he passed a yard where a girl was picking flowers.  He was introduced and was given a flower.  He later says his homesickness vanished immediately.  The girl was Lucy Preston, later his wife.  His son recalls that he spoke of that incident to his wife the day before her death. (9)  Their home was the large white house with two-story vine covered porch, on the north side of West Main Street, Norwalk, just east of the library.  Said to have been a wedding present to Lucy from her brother.  Now the Firelands Museum (the house was moved around the corner to Case Avenue.  Several of the Wickham Brothers had a shipping business – owned a number of Lake Erie sailing ships – Also sold nets & other things to the fishing boatmen.  The Twine House at Huron, beside the river, was one of their warehouses.  Their ships went up into Lake Superior, etc. – Their ships were built up the Huron River, near Milan.

1.  Charles Preston, born 1836; married Emily Wildman.

2.  Catherine Esther, born 1838; married Thomas Christian, son of William & Rachel Christian, who died 1861; she died 1902.

3.  William Samuel, born 1840; married Jeannette Adams; died 1911.

4.  John Thomas, born 1842; died 1844.

5.  Frederick Christian, born 1842; married SusanAdams; died 1912.

6.  Mary Elizabeth, born January 23, 1845; married General Romaine Kellogg; died 1938(?).

7.  Sara Louise, born 1846; died October 31, 1916.

8.  Lucy Preston, born 1848; married Andrew J. Minard; died December 19, 1919.

9.  Albert Wanton, born 1850; married Adelle Merry.

10. Caroline Lovell, born August 21, 1852; married James E. Gibbs.

11. Emma Winthrop, born March 2, 1854; Married W.H. Peters (Divorced); died July 1950.

12. Jessie French, born 1856; married Charles L. Merry; died 1909.

13. Frank Dudley Erskine, born April 29, 1860; married Agnes Benedict, St. Paul’s Church, Norwalk, Ohio, October 14, 1886.

(Fredrick’s children all natives of Norwalk, Ohio, and all but 3, 6, 8, 9 & 12 made Norwalk their residence).

(1) History of Western Reserve, p. 1689, by Upton
(2) History of Western Reserve
(3) Records of Rhode Island
(4) Records of Rhode Island; History of Western Reserve.
(5)  Told by Frank Wickham, who had it from his father.
(6) See Webster’s Biographical Dictionary, page 488.
(7) History of the Western Reserve, p. 1688-9-90).
(8) History of Western Reserve
(9) Told by Frank Wickham

NOTE: Agnes and Harriott cited their sources in the margins of original notebook.  I included these citations as footnotes, attempting to keep them as close as possible to where they appear in the original notebook.

I would appreciate critiques and corrections of this genealogy. Please comment below. Thank you.

© 2006, 2009 by David W. Barton. All rights reserved

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  1. Sir, you have researched a prodigious amount of information and I am in awe. My Wickham ancestor came from Glocestershire in late 1600s, settling in Maryland until 1760s then taking advantage of free land in Virginia. Nathaniel Wickham was the original immigrant and their were 7 in a row.


  2. I am trying to find links to my geneology to other more published findings and have hit a snag. Maybe you could help. My great great grandfather was William E. Wickham, born March 9, 1861, died December 30, 1935, in St. Joseph, MO. I cannot find any information about him other than he once lived in Little Sioux, IA in 1889 when my great grandfather, Frederick Newton Wickham was born on 7-25-1889 to William and a Sarah J. Ellis. If you could help me I would really appreciate it as I am the last Wickham, having no brothers or uncles.


  3. Bradley,
    William E.Wickham married Sarah Jane Ellis b.1869 Little Sioux,Iowa.On DEC 30 1887 in Logan,Harrison Co.Iowa.She was the daughter of my Great Great Great Aunt Mary Ellen Hall b. Jan 8 1850 in St.Joseph ,Missouri .She being the Daughter of Andrew Hall b.1817 Maine & Sarah Jane Moody b.1820 Maine.

    Mary Ellen Hall married John Hezikah Ellis in Little Sioux.The marriage record for William E.Wickham to Sarah Jane Ellis states William was born in Warren County,New York.
    His Fathers name is listed as WARREN WICKHAM
    And his MOTHER as JULIA SMITH 🙂
    Hope this helps….. Leni


  4. I would like to contact Robert Davis Wickham who posted the first response above. If anyone knows him please contact me at the listed email address.


  5. I was born a Wanton I was just trying research my family history. It seems every time I internet search Wanton there is a little history.


  6. I am researching my aunt’s family tree. Her parents were Fred and Jennie Blanche Kimble Wickham. They lived in the Ashland, Ohio area (Ruggles/Savannah). My aunt, Opal Arlene, a sister, Evelyn, and two brothers, Harold and Walter grew up in Ruggles and went to Savannah High School. I am looking for the father of Fred and his wife Jennie Kimble.


  7. I am researching a John Wickham (possibly Wm ‘John’), who, in his Revolutionary War Pension application, stated that he was born in Rhode Island in Jun of 1734. He said he moved from Rhode Island at the age of 8 into New York. (Lived in Dutchess, New Britian and Albany counties). Any have information they would like to share? Thanks!


  8. 1 Thomas Wickham 1624-1688 is my Great etc Grand father.
    2 Joseph Wickham 1662-1734
    3 Joseph Wickham 1701-1749
    4 Joseph Wickham 1728-1782
    5 Daniel Hull Wickham 1771-1853
    6 George Wickham 1801-1854
    7 John Wickham 1826-1888
    8 Charles Wickham 1859-1900
    9 William H Wickham 1892-1940
    These are my Great Grand fathers one after the others down. My father’s sister Dorothy’s daughter inlaw researched George Wickham on down. I am James an I got my data from the internet for Thomas Wickham to Charles Wickham. I am still looking at data from a site in England for Thomas Wickham’s father and back further to the 1500’s! 🙂
    I have some of the Grave marker pictures and cemetery locations from the Internet. Visit the Topix West Milford NJ Online for some of the Pictures. I can’t find some of the locations of markers like John and his wife Elenor who both died in Essex County NJ


  9. Some sites like Findagrave post pictures of Tombstones but I found some of the pictures are posted only to be removed later. I had found pictures from Holy Sepch in East Orange NJ for Grand Parents but they were removed! I know the people are still there! I was at the funeral for William H Wickham’s Wife Mulvena Marie Fernette which is my Grandmother when I was a small child . I take no credit for the photos or other research gleaned off the Internet of my blood relatives however they are my actual ancestors. I missed meeting many of the relatives or decendants of John Wickham’s brother William Wickham born in 1829. Many of the decendants of his brother lived in theSussex County area like Newton NJ. I visted my mother’s relatives in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s not aware there were any of the Wickham family members living there. My father had a uncle’s son Charles Wickham that had worked at a bar across the street from us. I met a few of Charle’s kids at the Colonia NJ fair back in the early 1980’s.


  10. At the Topix site for West Milford NJ look for MrDoughnut for the Wickham Info. CSA Brigadier General Williams Carter Wickham statue is posted.
    Charlote Georgiana Carter Wickham was married to Fitzburg Lee’s son of CSA General Richard E Lee. Parker Wickham is a Great Uncle.


  11. Much of the George Wickham and his Son George Big Ed Wickham’s West Milford Properties were sold off to The City Of Newark and the Senior Home near Echo Lake Road/ Macopin Road as far as I know.

    Parker Wickham lost Robin’s Island in NY and other properties.

    Thomas Wickham’s father died before he was born but some how he managed to have a brother Richard and still another one.

    Richard and Thomas came on the ship John to Rowley Mass. (1638) but Thomas ends up in Weatherfield CT. The third brother I have to find his name but not sure what happened to him.


  12. Hello Wickhams. Daniel Hull Wickham is my great great great grand father (or something like that). I’m from the Wickham branch that headed out West for the Gold Rush. I’d love to connect with any of you that are my distant relatives. There are not many more of us out here.

    William Russell Quinan
    russell (at) quinan,net


  13. Another Line from Thomas Wickham of Wethersfield CT
    (work in progress
    Thomas Wickham (b 1624-d 11 Jan 1689 Wethersfield CT) m Sarah ?(b 1628-d 7 Jan 1699/1700)

    William Wickham (b 28 Aug 1657 Wethersfield CT m Sarah Churchill (d 11 Nov 1657 Wethersfield CT- died?) Marriage 1681 Wethersfield CT

    Jonathan Wickham (b 1684 Wethersfield CT – died ?) m Elizabeth Morley (b 23 Jun 1691 Westfield MA – died ?) Marriage1713 Glastonbury CT

    David Wickham Sr (b 17 Feb 1714/15 Glastonbury CT – d between 26 August 1793 & 23 Dec 1797 Glastonbury CT) m Phebe Cole, Mayflower Descendant (b 29 Oct 1709/10 Orleans/Eastham MA – d 4 Nov 1736 Glastonbury CT)Marriage 4 Nov 1736

    David Wickham Jr (b 26 Aug 1737 Glastonbury CT – d after 27 Jan 1805) m Dimmes/Demmis Ackley (b 16 Feb 1745/46 – buried d 27 Jan 1805 East Haddam CT) Marriage 23 Aug 1764 East Haddam CT

    David Wickham III (b 26 June1772 East Haddam CT – buried 16 Nov 1864 S.Canaan CT) m Hannah Wood (b 29 July 1771 – d 25 Oct 1849 Canaan CT) Marriage 3 Dec 1795 Canaan CT; member of Methodist Episcopal Church in South Canaan CT in 1840 acc. to Parish Record.

    Esther Minerva Wickham (b 30 Mar 1807 Canaan CT – d 25 Dec 1882 Falls Village CT) m Julius Curtis Hosford (b 23 Mar 1807 Canaan CT – d 3 Feb 1887 Canaan CT) Marriage 22 Aug 1831; members of Methodist Episcopal Church in South Canaan CT

    Marcella Minerva Hosford (b 31 Jan 1846 Canaan CT – d 12 Mar 1899 Falls Village CT) m Arthur Foote Gibbs (b 3 Dec 1844 – d 1 Nov1926 Lakeville MA) Marriage 10 Nov 1869 Canaan CT

    Herbert Hosford Gibbs (b 5 Sep 1889 Falls Village CT- d 24 Jan 1949 Lakeville MA) m Anna MacDonald (b 18 Jan 1892 West Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Cape Breton N.S.- 1987 Mass.) Marriage 26 Jan 1915 Newton MA

    4 children & descendants (private)

    Would like to hear from a member of this Wickham line.
    Some data from Esther Wickham’s Family Bible; 2 albums with several dozen unidentified tin-types; a carte visite from Orange NJ, Binghamton NY, Friendsville & Towanda PA; various Connecticut towns; members buried in Vineland, Cumberland NJ


  14. Following site Below : has data for Thomas Wickham b1624 England d 1687/88 Weatherfield Connecticut.

    The sight had problems with software previously. The data they have goes back from Thomas Wickham who died in Wetherfield Connecticut to his Great grandfathers in England.

    I matched Macomberkin’s data with :

    Click to access pp049-074.pdf

    Thomas Wickham is descendant of those that came over to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Possibly related to Walchelin the Bishop of Winchester.

    The UK site has several pages covering the Wickham family so you will have to flip throuh the entire website to find the Wickhams as they are descendants of the de Stokes to Walchelin going back to the Domesday Book 1086 and Earlier.

    I have found photos and data published on that belonging to Thomas Wickham’s decendants in NY, Connecticut and Massachuesetts. The site had some in NJ but somebody had removed them. Some of Mine from NJ were lost in a Hard Drive Crash however I do have a few from St Joseph Catholic Church in Macopin / Echo Lake West Milford NJ. I burned all the others on CD!

    Several sites in England gather their info from Christ Church and the Colleges like Durham ect.


  15. It’s very possible that CSA Brigadier Williams Carter Wickham was on the Gettysburg Battlefield Pennsyvania with my Great/Great Grand father Union Sargent John Wickham Company B 3rd Calvary NJ Butterflies. The Civil War data for NJ shows Data missing for John but I have a pdf that shows him listed. The 3rd Calvary was scheduled to head to Washington DC after following other divisions through several battles including Gettsyburg; Both survived the Civil War and both died in 1888.

    I lost the link to the NJ info but you can search for the NJ info by looking for the Company B 3rd Cavary in your brouser, In 1890 a Warehouse fired had burned a lot of census and other data for NJ
    I try to copy the web site addresses but forget some times then have to go back and copy them later Sorry!

    Note: Daniel Hull Wickham b 1771 is Father George Wickham B 1801 father. Daniel Hull Wickham is buried in Greenwood Cemetary Brooklyn New York. George is buried in Macopin West Milford NJ. I was unable to get the photos from the web site from Greenwood Cemetary NY.


  16. Found the NJ site for Civil War Data. Note: John Wickham is listed at this site.


  17. Hello there. Daniel Hull Wickham is my great grandfather. James Wickham did you and I meet at the Wickham family reunion in NY last year? Let me know. Cheers/Russell


  18. Hi Wickham cousins. Isn’t this site just wonderful?
    Have any of you been in touch with Joe Wickham who, I suspect, has found every single Wickham who ever lived in the US? By the way, the Wickham Family Fruit Farm (from the late 17th century) is still in business in Southold. I will give you a couple of links to Joe’s latest posts.


  19. Russel Wickham Quinan: Hello, I wasn’t at the reunion in NY.
    Have you been able to get a copy of ” The Salmon Records” ? The Salmon family kept records of deaths and marriages from Southold NY and related families from Connecticut. Many of the Wickham family is recorded in there from the late 1696’s to 1811. Joseph Wickham 1662-1734, Joseph Wickham 1701-1749, and, Joseph Wickham 1728-1782 is in the record .
    Daniel Hall Wickham 1771-1854 wasn’t listed but the wife and their son Daniel and wife and others are buried in Greedwood cemetary in
    Brooklyn NY. Danilel Hall Wickham 1771 his son George Wickham and much of his family is buried St Joseph Catholic Church In Macopin/ Echo Lake West Milford NJ. John Wickham, George’s son is missing along with Eleanor.

    I think I have a photo of George Big Ed Wickham who married Josephine. I got it from an ancestor site by luck while searching in the browser.


  20. Check this site out for the Wickham family:

    One of their family married a Wickham so the people who run the site added it to all the other people they are related to. Originally their server contained data going back to the Medieval age in England. They changed software and had problems but this link will let you serf through their Wickham files from Thomas Wickham of Wetherfield CT back to the Medeival Ages in England. I was lucky to have copied the older collection of web pages before the software change site at the site. Apparently they had a few errors in death dates. I am sure they had gotten some info off the Fmg. Medieval site that had the records of Charles Wyekham Martin. I have that pdf also!


  21. Here is a site that lists some Wickham records including some data on John Parker whose daughter Abigail married Joseph Wickham 1701 -1749.

    I am still trying to find out if John Parker is related to the Parker that brought the first printing press to Woodbridge Towship NJ. If so then I would be related because Abigail Parker married my great… grandfather Joseph Wickham 1701-1749. Parker Wickham 1727-1785 was named for his mothers side. Joseph Wickham 1728-1782 is my great grand father line and Parker’s brother.


  22. Just wanted the Wickham relatives to know some of George Wickham’s descendants from West Milford NJ were still alive in Newton Sussex County NJ in the 1950’s,1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. I visited my mother’s side of the family an did not know the Wickhams lived there. My dad was unaware while I was too young, not even thinking of the subject.

    To check Wickham members who passed in 1878-1888 + please use this New Jersey State site:

    You can copy and paste data found there. Enter the surname and you get all the Wickhams available.


  23. Joe Wickham: who made the nice tree of Thomas Wickham 1624-1688.
    I have found various sites on the Internet with information pertaining to our ancestors in England. The following was taken from the plea rolls and was meant for a E Book Reader.

    Curia Regis Roll. No. 123. Easter. 26. Hen. 3. m. 20.

    Rutland. — Ralph de Wickham sued the Prior of the Hospital of St.
    John for land in Stokes.

    Richard, seised

    temp. H. 2.


    Ralph de Wikham, the plaintiff.

    *This must be one of the bits of info researched by Charles Wykam Martin. c 1852. I have the pdf file of his papers that tries to link the Bishop Wyekham to the Wickham family. I also have other files from sites from the U.K. dealing with the medieval subject matter for the Wickham line.

    Manors and Other Estates.

    You should find this interesting because it deals with Waukelin or Wachelin and the other versions of Wickham that linked to Robert de Stokes.


  24. Wiki : says they believe Thomas Wickham 1624-1688 came over with brothers. When George Wickham of England died in 1609 some of the ancestor data had mentioned his wife Jane Shepard remarried Henry Chatfield. Well The Chatfield family ancestors posted their pdf link Online. The pdf lists the marriage of this Jane Weykham and mentions the 3 sons from the marriage that came to America in 1639.

    *The key here is other families who have done their tree , post it listing the names and marriages to other different familes. As for Richard Wickham and Ann of the Rowely MA colony said to be Thomas Wickham’s Brother, I have gotten the Ipswich court papers found on line which show Wicom and Wickham in several documents in Gif’s.

    I would post the Gif’s here but there are over 15 or so. and Gif’s don’t post as text.


  25. Joseph Wickham 1701-1749 m. Abigail Parker. John Parker, Abigail’s father had married Abigail Tuthill who had married Joseph Conklin first one site says. I use several sites and documents to compare. The Salmon Record, Christopher’s Genealogy, and many others are notes taken from actual records.


  26. Robert son of Walchelin

    Wickham. Robert, son of Walcheline, who is mentioned in
    Donusdc^ as the holder of a mill in Banbury, gave to Eynsham
    all his tithe from Wickham in Banbury (vol. i, p. 37). In 1239
    this possession is described as the tithe of the demesne of Wick-
    ham and of the land which had once been demesne (ib., p. 5).
    In 1279 the demesne was one carucate (Hundred RolUy ii, p. 708),
    and it is probable that Eynsham took the tithes of the two hides
    which in the time of Dotmsday were held by ‘ Robert ‘ in Wickham.
    In 1293 this portion of the tithe was resigned to the rector of
    Banbury (vol i, p. 337). .


  27. Hello Wickham family,
    I recently have started researching the family. I was born in Phoenix Arizona in 1984. My father and his family are from the Ashland, Ohio area. I live in Ashland now also and work as an outside salesman for a local company. While driving in Crawford county today I found Wickham Rd off of state route 100. Curiosity got the best of me and I drove on down. Slightly east of the end of the road at Orr road is a small cemetery with a large Wickham family marker and several small markers. I am now diving head first into research. I know I’m related to 3 generations buried in the Savannah cemetery but am now highly interested in knowing more. My father was Gerald E. Wickham (1945-2002) and his fatherwas John or Jack (?-1971) . Any information would be much appreciated. I do see a trip to the firelands museum in my near future lol. Thank you in advance.


  28. Best advice is hit,, and… Best of luck! It’s a process, don’t get discouraged!


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