More Emily Dickinson – Much More!

My last post, Who is that Narrow Fellow, garnered more interest than I had imagined it would, so I thought I’d follow it with more about Emily Dickinson and her poetry, which I love.

Too say Emily Dickinson was prolific would be an understatement. Although few of her poems were published in her lifetime, she wrote 1,789 – that we know of. A herculean effort if there ever was one.


The Prowling Bee

Another herculean effort is underway by Susan Kornfeld in her blog the prowling Bee. Susan has taken on the task of writing and posting commentary for each of Dickinson’s 1,789 poems. Her latest post is number 637, a third of the way to her goal. The name “the prowling Bee,” comes from this poem:


to pack the Bud –oppose the Worm
Obtain its right of Dew —
Adjust the Heat — elude the Wind —
Escape the prowling Bee

Great Nature not to disappoint
Awaiting Her that Day —
To be a Flower, is profound
Responsibility —

Susan has not posted a blog about that poem – yet – but she has a post for this one, a favorite of mine:


I'm Nobody!

What do you think of this poem? I find the humor delightful. Susan is not as impressed as I. Check out her post here and find out why?


That’s it for this poetic interlude. In my next post, we’ll return to the history of the Firelands.



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