Genealogy: Benedict Portraits


Platt Benedict, born March 18, 1775 in Danbury, Connecticut, died October 25, 1866 in Norwalk, Ohio at the age of 91 years, 7 months and 7 days.


Sally DeForest Benedict, born August 27, 1777 in Wilton, Connecticut, died June 24, 1850 in Norwalk Ohio.

NOTE: The original oil portraits of Platt and Sally hang in the Firelands Historical Society Museum in Norwalk, Ohio. The museum houses a large collection of historical artifacts dating back to before the founding of the Firelands. Please visit their website at


Clarissa Benedict, daughter of Platt and Sally Benedict. born September 4, 1796; died January 11, 1878.

Jonas Benedict, son of Platt and Sally Benedict. Born March 23, 1806; died July 29, 1851.

Jonas Benedict, son of Platt and Sally Benedict. Born March 23, 1806; died July 29, 1851.

Portraits of Jonas and Clarissa Benedict are from The Firelands Pioneer published by the Firelands Historical Society.

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  1. Thank you for starting this wonderful blog. I am not as techie savvie as you, but I am as appreciative as anyone could be. I am so interested in this era of our country and just happen to be a many generation later descendant of Isaac DeForest.

    Not only is your writing wonderful and easy to read, but being able to feel you have done your homework and I am able to share in all your time and studies is incredible. Thanks again. I for one will be checking in often.


  2. I am the 10th Greatgrandaugher of William Benedict(born) 1579 Married Elizabeth Stephenson. Thank you for this information. I didn’t have this before. My Line starts at William 1, Thomas 2,John 3,Joseph 4,Gideon 5, Aaron 6, Sylvester 7, Amos 8, Cyrus 9, Oura 10, Vivien 11, Lavina Nitzschke 12, & Me. Thank You Connie


  3. Your blog is outstanding!
    My ancestors were from the part of the Firelands that is now
    Erie County.
    Keep up the terrific work!


  4. Dorene,

    Thanks for your kind words. I hope you continue to visit and enjoy future postings.

    Dave Barton


  5. Thanks again for this wonderful site. I have recently been following my Gould Family from Middlesex Co. CT to
    Granville, MA post Rev. war. A large group from Granville, Ma founded Granville OH. Some of my Gould family came to Oneida Co. NY and married into the Benedict/Stevens family. It seems harder to connect the family dots as people moved westward.

    Jan Abrams


  6. Hello Jan,

    Thanks for your comments and your kind words about The Firelands History Blog. Your family history sounds interesting.

    Check out the Benedict Generations project at I was able to trace your family down to Bushnell Benedict. This project is a work-in-process to produce Volume III of The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America. Volume I was published in 1870. If you are interested, you can add contribute your research to the project. I’m working on Platt Benedict and his descendents. You can see what I’ve done so far by clicking on the Platt Benedict link.

    Good luck on your research. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

    Dave Barton


  7. Dave – what a wonderful site. My brother recently did the DNA test and we are linked directly bact to William French (1604/05-1681) in Billerica, MA. This site offers so much historial background we weren’y aware of and it’s so interesting! Please keep up your blog, and I’m sure I speak for a multitude of family researchers when I say – “carry on the great work!”
    Love your site!


  8. Dave,
    Hello, my name is Caroline DeForest Fremont. I’ve been told stories all my life about my ancestors, the Benedicts. A picture of Sally DeForest Benedict hangs in my family’s cottage in Huron, OH. I’ve been taught that this cottage has been passed down through the family since just after the Revolutionary War. I remember being taken to the Firelands museum when I was younger, but now that I am pursuing my MFA in Creative Nonfiction I’m interested in returning for more research for my thesis project. My grandfather is David Wickham. Thank you so much for doing this- it’s going to greatly aid my project.
    Caroline Fremont


  9. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for the comment you posted on the Firelands History Website. I’m glad you enjoy the site. If the cottage in Huron is the one I’m thinking of, I used to visit there many times when I was growing up. I also know your grandfather; he and my dad spent a summer at the cottage in the late 1940s. You and I met there in 2006 at the Benedict reunion to celebrate the end of the Benedict Trust established by the Severance family.

    My grandmother was Harriott Benedict Wickham Barton and was sister of your great-grandfather, David Wickham. In her story of David Benedict’s Civil War experiences, Little Doctor on the Black Horse, which I posted in installments on my website, she described the building of the cottage. It is post #17. David Benedict bought the cottage in the 1890s and added on to it.

    I’m glad to hear you are interested in revisiting the Firelands Museum to research your thesis for your MFA. I recommend that you contact Henry Timman before you go. He is THE expert on the Firelands and knows much about our family history.

    It’s interesting to me that you are attending Wooster College. My grandmother (your great-grandfather’s sister) attended Wooster 1909-1913. If any of your research includes the archives at Wooster, I’d be grateful if you’d see what you can find about her.

    Thanks again for your kind comment on my website. I hope the site is helpful to you in your research. Please let me know if I can help you. If you’ll give me an idea of what your thesis will cover, I might have some things that you would find useful. Good luck!

    Dave Barton


  10. I have just recently begun researching my Keeler family line and am always interested in the stories as much as the facts. I found your site tonight and am so happy to have found it. My line comes from Phineas Keeler to Luke Keeler and Jemima Benedict Keeler, Orange Keeler, Aaron Coe Keeler, Adella Keeler Stanford, Muriel Stanford Bernard.
    Has The Sufferer’s Land been published? If so, how can I find a copy? It is wonderful reading and answers so many of my questions.Thank you.


  11. I have Volumes I and II of Benedicts in America and corresponded with Elwyn Benedict several years ago. I have traced my ancestry back to 1789 to a Eli Benedict who the 1840 census shows was born in Connecticutt. I have a connection to the family tree from that time forward but have not been able to make a connection before hand.
    The last correspondence I had with him he indicated he was working on Volume III. I know of no way I can make a connection since I am now the oldest surviving member of the family here but would like to try to make the connnection. He asked me at one time if my Eli were ever in Canada but I have no way of knowing that. See Volume I, page 190 under Caleb Benedict. The 1789 birthdate of my greatgrandfather could could fit in.


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